Game Reviews

Here You Will Find Game Reviews as I finish them.

Guacamelee: Super  Turbo Championship Edition


This game is something else. It’s a side scroll beat them up type. Story Starts off with Juan, an agave farmer, wanted to be a luchador (which in the game is like a super hero.) As Juan does his duty’s as a Farmer a priest comes asking for help at the local church. When Juan goes to the church and helps out the Presidents daughter comes and asks Juan for help at the president’s mansion. As Juan arrives to the President’s mansion he is greeted by Grand Calaca kidnapping the presidents daughter, in which you attempt to save her and it costs you, your life. The controls are really easy weather you’re playing on keyboard or Joypad. I played this game with my girlfriend using Xbox 360 controls. The graphics are basic cartoon type. the storyline and the plot is as great. There is main quests as well as a few side quests. I did enjoy this game with my girlfriend, even if it was kinda tough. The overall game looks great and feels great.

Final Rating: 9.5/10

Grim Fandango: Re-Mastered

Grim Fandango

This game ….. Ho! let me tell you something brother. This game was originally released in 1998. Now if you are old enough to remember, games back then pretty much left you on your own and not knowing what to do. The game starts out with Manny Calavera finding a client named Celso. Manny is a sales man, who sales travel packages to the beyond. Manny works for a government branch known as The Department Of Death, or D.O.D. for short. Manny always ends up on the losing end of the clients, who are to cheap or poor. Manny has a co-worker named Domino who always gets the good clients. With that being said, something smells fishy in the D.O.D. It’s your job to uncover the truth. The whole story is great I really love this game to be ranked up there. The controls are easy since it’s really a Point and Click game, it also has the option to use a Joypad. I’ve played it both ways. Graphics are great for a 1998 game, but with that being said the “Re-mastered” edition is nothing but light rendering everything else is the same. This is still a good game, and once again my girlfriend picked it.

Final Rating: 9/10

Albert & Otto


This is my first review so bear with me. This isn’t quite out yet so hopefully when it comes out completely I will Re-Review it. The game starts with Albert’s sister and Otto sitting at the edge of the cliff, when a mysterious black smoke comes and picks her up. As Albert runs up the hill to see his sister is missing, he starts on a mission to find her. That’s the plot of the game, overall very well game mechanics. I played the game using an Xbox 360 controller. For the controls it really easy to pick up and get, Unfortunately for me I messed around with the control keys so it wasn’t the same as the in-game hints. Graphics were excellent even though it’s just a demo that I’ve previewed it was still looking good. Hopefully the graphics stay the same. It’s a really easy game to pick up on. Story wise since it’s the demo it’s not complete but from what I’ve played I’d say it’s really good. There’s not that many games out there that can capture your attention and keep it, this game does. My Girlfriend doesn’t really play video games but she really enjoyed this one, and that’s how I know it’s a game worth mentioning.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

My System Specs:

Operating System: Windows 7

Motherboard: MSI Z97-Gaming 3 7918

RAM: 8gb

Processor: Intel i5 4690k 3.5GHz (over clocked at 4.0GHz)

Graphics: Intel HD 4600 1gb


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